What is gender-sensible communication?


Gender discrimination has many subcategories: Unequal treatment, devaluation and oppression of women (sexism), inter* persons (interphobia), trans* persons (transphobia), non-binary persons (two-gender system / binarism) - and by using gender-equitable language this discrimination can be counteracted.


Gender is diverse. However, our language often takes only part of this diversity into account. Using the "generic" masculine to refer to all genders makes this diversity invisible. We take a closer look at this imbalance and show how to do better so that everyone is as linguistically aware as possible.

Gender-inclusive language, then, is centrally about appropriate linguistic perceptibility for all people. It is about respecting the pronoun and address preferences of all people with different gender locations.

Want to lead by example and share your pronoun and salutation preferences in your signature?

Pronouns in email signatures

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