Communicate more inclusively with customers, partners, and employees.

For gender-inclusive communication, anti-racist language, anti-ableist language, and other forms of bias-free communication - Fairlanguage has the right tools, strategies, and experts to help you, in English and in German.


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Raise Awareness & Inspire

Want to spark interest in the power of language and engage a large group on a tight schedule? Let's do it with one of our interactive talks – all questions are welcome, even tough ones. We cover the fundamentals and offer plenty of food for thought that will inspire conversations and wake your team's enthusiasm for inclusive communication. We're happy to participate in panels, create custom presentations, or inspire your team with one of our unique talks.

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Interactive workshops & eLearning: develop confidence and knowledge

Discover the theoretical and practical fundamentals of inclusive communication, or focus on specific areas like anti-racist or gender-inclusive language. Become more conscious of language and more confident speaking and writing inclusively.

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Note: We also offer public versions of our workshops for individuals or small teams.

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Consulting & change management to create clarity and make informed decisions

On the journey to inclusive communication, you'll come across many questions you need to answer and decisions to make. We'll guide you through the process and clarify what you need to create lasting change in your organization.

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Operational & Practical Support

More than just advice: We offer hands-on assistance with guidelines, editing, and optimizing job descriptions. Our inclusive language helpdesk can handle your employees' questions quickly and competently.

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Stay up-to-date and learn about inclusive language