How our clients benefit from Fairlanguage

Issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusion are increasingly perceived as a crucial competitive advantage for companies. Inclusive and equitable language is an essential part of any DEI strategy.

Since 2018, Fairlanguage has been helping public and private organizations to communicate more inclusively, internally and externally. Need to reach more diverse talent and modernize your employer branding? Fairlanguage can help – in German and English.

In 2021 alone, we completed over 100 projects, strategy workshops, talks, and trainings. Our clients are happy to share their experience working with us, and we look forward to the opportunity to tell you more about our projects. Please get in touch!

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These companies work with Fairlanguage on inclusive communication

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What our clients say

"Fairlanguage took us into the world of gender-inclusive communication and sensitized us to this topic. The workshop format was great, very interactive and we were guided expertly through our decision-making process. Now we have a good basis for integrating gender-inclusive language bit by bit into our different working areas."

Lea Bärwinkel
Marketing Communication, INTERHOMES AG

"The webinar was entertaining, exciting and still educational - big compliments to you!"

Nicol Klenk
University Communications / PR Consultant, ETH Zurich

"Thank you for the informative training and interactive workshop - it was time well spent. I highly recommend it."

Marisela Aguilar
People Operations: Strategy & Projects, Zalando

"I can warmly recommend this workshop to all those who deal with the topic of gender-inclusive language in their work: It picks up everyone exactly where they are on the topic of gender-sensible language. The Fairlanguage team achieved this with a good mix of information on the basics, on special topics such as recruiting, an implementation plan for introducing it to the company, and many inspiring practical exercises. There was also a lot of space for exchange and questions and it was fun as well."

Beate Eckstein
Corporate Language Manager, Trusted Shops GmbH

"We took away many new ideas and suggestions from our interactive workshop to further sensitise our colleagues on our shared journey towards more gender-sensible and inclusive language. Thank you very much for that!"

Christina Braase (she/her)
Diversity & Jobsharing Expert, Beiersdorf AG

"Thank you for the super informative workshop, the topic of gender-inclusive language is still relatively new for us, and it was very helpful to hear that we are on the right track in the company."

Isabell Otterbein
Localization Specialist, HubSpot, Inc.

"Wow, that was inspiring, eye-opening, and thought-provoking."

Ursula Nuutinen
Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Federal Employment Agency Berlin

"The online seminar on gender-inclusive communication was entertaining, exciting, rooted in scientific findings, and included a few "aha" experiences. The speakers covered the topic in an authentic and considerate way: it created a very pleasant seminar atmosphere. Thank you!"

Lisa Heinrichs
Lower Saxony Innovation Centre

"We introduced gender-inclusive language in our company. Many weren't aware of the reasons for gender-inclusive language and using it was unfamiliar. Fairlanguage impressed us with their specialized expertise, and their practical exercises gave us the tools we needed."

Antonia Wadé (she/her)
Audi Diversity Management, Audi AG

"Fairlanguage's project management and support is a great help for us; we benefit from their expertise. Their workshop facilitation is helping us to convince as many employees of the city administration as possible to join us on the way to more equity in language."

Birte Rassmus
Project Management City of Kiel for the Office of the Mayor

"Inclusive communication is a topic that is also discussed very emotionally in companies. For us at Bayer, it is important that everyone is addressed and that no one feels excluded. Especially as an innovation-driven company, we focus on diversity and equal opportunity. Fairlanguage has provided us with optimal support on our path toward inclusive language. From the first lecture, which was about understanding what gender-inclusive language means, through intensive workshops to publication, Michael and Freddie* were there for us. The calmness and objectivity both of them brought to the topic helped us a lot to make our communication more inclusive in the future. Now we are on an exciting journey and are glad to be able to rely on Fairlanguage's expertise."

Thomas Helfrich (he/him)
Head of Corporate Positioning, Bayer AG

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