Raising Awareness

With our talks, Fairlanguage starts important discussions and put inclusive language on the agenda. We handle controversial topics in a relaxed manner and with a touch of humor. It's important for us that our presentations have a lasting effect and resonate with the audience.

The perfect setup

Virtual or on stage in person. A small group of managers or a company-wide meeting with all employees. Let's find the right format for you and your audience.

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"Wow, that was inspiring, eye-opening, and thought-provoking."

Ursula Nuutinen
Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Federal Employment Agency Berlin

We particularly like to talk about these topics - in German and English.

    Special talks - tailored to your organization

    In all our offerings that raise awareness, we focus on interactivity and engagement with the participants. That's why every event and every talk is unique.

    If your organization has particular needs, we can work with you to create completely custom talks and presentations that address your needs, ideas and context.

    Let's find the right combination of content and exercises will inspire your audience.

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