Operational Support

And then do it. The introduction and consistent implementation of inclusive communication is undoubtedly associated with effort. And one or the other question only arises when it becomes concrete. With various offers and services, we complement your work or even take over complete work steps so that you can continue to focus on your core business.

Recommendation, guideline or binding requirement?

In-house guidelines on inclusive communication are a practical tool for introducing and implementing equitable language. A guide offers all employees the opportunity to acquire background knowledge and to understand the specific application in your organisation. It provides orientation and shows options for action and formulation aids. Designed as a digital reference work, it is a good starting point for challenges in everyday work.

Together we look at your specific needs and ideas (if necessary, we work on these together in a strategy workshop) and then develop the guide tailored to your company and your wishes - in German and English.

Alternatively, we can also review an existing guide to ensure that it is technically correct and can develop its full didactic effect.

Content Editing & Review

Are you unsure whether your brochure, social media post or press release is consistently inclusive? Your team doesn't have the capacity to revise existing documents or the website? No problem, we will proofread your draft, point out possible ambiguities or errors and give you tips on how to do it better. Or we can completely revise your content for you.

Optimization of job listings and career pages

Using inclusive language also has a big impact on diversity in talent recruitment. We analyse your job advertisements and career pages and optimise them for you so that your career communication appeals to the most diverse talent pool. We take you with us, involve you in the process and make sure that you get the knowledge from us to be able to formulate job advertisements in an inclusive and target-oriented way in the future.

Helpdesk for employees

Our helpdesk offers your staff the opportunity to contact us directly at any time with their questions and personal concerns about inclusive language. This is especially helpful after the introduction of a guideline or after an initial sensitisation of the staff through lectures or workshops. Thanks to the uncomplicated access, the helpdesk offers employees more security to try out inclusive language themselves in their everyday work.

Coaching for managers

Especially for leaders who are very present and often give speeches or lectures, the shift to inclusive and equitable language use is a challenge. Through their visibility and role model function, they play an important role in introducing inclusive communication throughout the organisation. At the same time, managers often lack feedback on their behaviour and communication style due to the hierarchy gap. This is where we come in with individual analyses and one-to-one coaching. In conversation, we specifically point out potential for improvement, sensitise people to the effect of language and are also happy to find the right words together.

Autocorrect for gender-sensitive language

Automatic gender-inclusive and inclusive communication - that would be wonderful. Some things are possible, but there are also limits and special challenges.That's why we are happy to advise you on digital solutions and automated tools. With our experience, we can not only define the technical requirements for your systems, forms and processes for and with you, but also help you implement technical tools such as autocorrection.

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To experience the technical possibilities, we offer a test version of our self-developed autocorrection for gender-sensible language. Register and we will send you the access data.

The digital solution for you

You are already convinced that a digital solution is the best way forward for your organisation - great!
We are happy to accompany the introduction of various tools for more sensitive communication at your organisation. Whether it's auto-correction in word processing programmes like Word or Google Docs or checking job advertisements for gender codes and inclusive language. We work with established software solutions and also develop individual applications for you based on our autocorrection.

Rather individual than standardised?

We find the right solution for every requirement and help companies, organisations and institutions to make their internal and external communication more inclusive and equitable. We are happy to advise you, develop a suitable solution for you, accompany you in the implementation and create clarity for well-founded decisions.

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