Workshops & eLearning

Would you like to delve deeper into the different aspects of inclusive communication or give your team confidence in using it? Our awareness-raising and training formats are just right for this.
We offer both virtual and on-site training and are also happy to support you with e-learning opportunities for inclusive communication.

Put a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion into practice

Our offers are based on a mixture of theory and practice. We teach the basics or more in-depth specialised knowledge on gender-sensible, antiableist or antiracist language. We are also happy to work across all dimensions of inclusive communication.

In-house Workshops: Virtual or On-Site

We offer a variety of workshops as in-house trainings for teams and companies. We cover basics of inclusive communication, or, alternatively, specific areas like gender-inclusive language or anti-racist communication. Each workshop includes the theoretical foundations of language and discrimination, as well as practical examples and exercises. We go into as much depth as our clients wish and use an variety of engaging formats to help participants put theory into practice. This develops your employees' awareness of inclusivity, and gives them the ability to communicate consciously.

We offer the following workshops and topics:

  • Introductory workshop: "Gender-inclusive Communication"
  • Introductory workshop: "Anti-racist Communication"
  • Basic workshop "Anti-ableist communication"
  • Advanced workshop: "Deep dive into gender-inclusive communication"
  • Full-day Workshop: "Inclusive communication"
  • Focus workshop "Inclusive communication in HR and recruiting"
  • Focus workshop "Inclusive communication in PR and marketing"
  • Special requests or topics? Please contact us.
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We also offer public versions of our workshops for individuals or small teams.

Find out more about Fairlanguage's public workshops.

eLearning and Blended Learning

You want to explain the basics of inclusive communication to all your staff and create understanding for the need for visibility in language? But a lecture or workshop is not an option for everyone? This is where eLearning comes in.

  • Up-to-date content and interactive exercises
  • Include custom FAQs and recommendations
  • Training confirmation for individual participants┬á
  • Available 24/7 online and in your company's design

With our online platform, we offer you a simple and cost-effective way to train digitally. You benefit from content that is centrally maintained by us as well as tried and tested exercises that are regularly checked and updated by us. All this in your own design and with space for your own recommendations. And of course, our trainings can also be combined with digital learning opportunities to prolong the impact and ensure sustainable awareness.

A newsletter to keep the topic in people's minds

With our regular awareness-raising newsletter, your employees receive inspiring content, links to exciting articles and videos, reflection exercises and tips and tricks every two months. In this way, they are constantly sensitized and inclusive communication remains in their minds.

  • Articles on key topics
  • Links to news articles, videos and other relevant content
  • Practical exercises
  • Data protection-compliant distribution
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Got your own intranet or learning platform? No problem.

If your company already has a platform or tool for professional development or training, great! We can work with you to design and develop the right courses and curriculum. We always keep the learning goals in mind and make sure that the training is both entertaining and effective.

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Stay up-to-date and learn about inclusive language