Public Workshops

Workshops for individuals and small teams

On request, we offer open workshops at entry and advanced levels on various key topics. Benefit from our expertise from over 150 workshops at companies, organizations and administrations and get answers to all your questions about inclusive communication.

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Possible topics

  • Gender-sensitive language
  • LGBTQI* sensitive language
  • Anti-racist language
  • Anti-ableist language
  • Inclusive language - all in
  • Nothing suitable? Please send us an individual inquiry!

What you'll get out of our workshops

  • Increase your awareness: language is not just words, it has a much bigger impact!
  • You feel confident in communicating inclusively everyday (work) situations.
  • You'll be able to make conscious choices about how you want to communicate in the future.
  • You'll receive a certificate that you've completed the workshop.

Don't have the all right answers yet?

Actually, it sounds so easy: "I'll just use 'they', that's it!" or "It's obvious that you're not allowed to say the N-word anymore!" But maybe you've heard that: the devil is in the details. Or is it the fine print?

Can you say that word? How do I make sure this word isn't sexist? And will people still understand? Is the word actually problematic? What racist terms am I still using? Should I say "black" or not? And what about accessibility?

Communicate inclusively and consistently with a robust understanding of basics

Getting used to more inclusive language is a process and a journey, one that we're happy to accompany you on. We want to inspire you to use language more consciously - without being prescriptive or dogmatic.

In our public workshops, depending on the topic and focus, we provide an introduction or an advanced session about about gender-based discrimination, racism and ableism in communication. Interactive exchange and exercises round out our workshops that help you on your path to more conscious and awareness in communication.

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"Thank you for the informative training and interactive workshop - it was time well spent. I highly recommend it."

Marisela Aguilar
People Operations: Strategy & Projects, Zalando

"The online seminar on gender-inclusive communication was entertaining, exciting, rooted in scientific findings, and included a few "aha" experiences. The speakers covered the topic in an authentic and considerate way: it created a very pleasant seminar atmosphere. Thank you!"

Lisa Heinrichs
Lower Saxony Innovation Centre

Stay up-to-date and learn about inclusive language